Friday, October 21, 2011

A Secret for Remembering that Anything is Possible

Fidget has gotten into photography lately. When she is out of film she uses my digital camera. Which is nice because we can delete a lot. She has taken to making videos of her 'kids'. She's into superheroes too. So yesterday after Bible study she borrowed the camera while I was making lunch. She said  she was doing family portraits.

But that's just Pooh Bear, I said. No, she said, it's a family portrait of Pooh Bear and Silky! 

And this is her new superhero, Blue Diamond. I love her spelling. At this age I just so love to see her creativity coming out, so I don't want to correct her all the time. If I did I'm sure I could discourage her very easily. She often leaves out vowels and word endings. We do work on those things at school. But being a kid is about being creative. I want to foster that and I want her to remember that when she grows up she was always encouraged to create. 

Here is the painting I'm making her for Christmas, from my favorite photo of her at the nearby topiary gardens. I work on it after she's in bed every night. When it's finished, I'm going to start writing the story that goes with it. I can't wait until it's Christmas and I get to give them to her. One look should be all it takes anytime she needs reminding that with imagination, anything is possible!


  1. I love her 'family picture' of Pooh and Silky... truly companions for her. I also agree in letting the creative come out and not correcting everything all the time. There is plenty of time for that later!! And I LOVE the painting! That is such a deep, heartfelt gift. The best kind!!
    Love you!

  2. Thanks lollie. I got a chance to start writing the story for it too as I waited at the pharmacy the other day after an appt. I have got to use any alone-time that I get. :)

  3. She is quite a skillful photographer, the family portrait is lovely. I also love her drawing and your painting is simply amazing!

  4. thanks Mary Jane! Best wishes of the season to you!