Monday, August 6, 2012

Home, for now

Hello again from Virginia! Our family has had a whirlwind move and long camping trip. We're settled back in our tiny 1-bedroom apartment and starting home school this morning. Here are a few scenes from our camping trip, our first down the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We also stopped in SC with sisters in law and their families which included lots of heavenly cousin-time for Fidget.  Above is the quick ferry we took to get to Okracoke Island. 

One of the wild horses on Okracoke, which have been penned up to protect them.

More of Okracoke. It wasn't our only stop, but for some reason we took lots of pictures there. The beach was pretty but we got a lot of bites on the Outer Banks. We found camping much less buggy in SC.

Myrtle Beach was our favorite. There was plenty of wind for kites, and waves for Fidget to practice surfing on her new soft board. 

Here we were at Hunting Island, SC, where we stayed a couple of nights and even got to see old friends and check on our house, Acorn Hollow. The major problem there was an overgrown jungle of garden, but we got a yard man named Moses and a tree team right to work and left the place looking lots better. 

Unfortunately, Fig kept getting a rash on her legs and hips, no matter whether she wore board shorts, regular shorts, or a swim suit. It's just as well summer's ending, she's about had it with the beach for now.

That's not to say she wouldn't like to swim all day. She just turned 8 and we had a week of celebrating. We took her to Water Country USA in Williamsburg, and a local water park twice, as well as Chuck E Cheese and a hibachi restaurant she loves.

We have had such a wonderful family-time summer. God is good. 

And now, we turn our attention to schooling. Today we start My Father's World's Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum. We are very excited about other countries lately. I signed Fidget up for International Pen Friends so we can wait to see what the mail will bring every day. Of course we can't wait for mail any day, no matter what. The beginning of the school year is a time for a small amount of trepidation on my part but God assures me in my reading that His plans will not be thwarted. I can rest in that. And as I tackle a schedule, biting off small pieces at a time, knowing He is a God is order, not of disorder, I know everything will be fine.

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  1. So glad to see you are settled in. We start school on the 20th. I'm so glad you made it to Okracoke. I like how there is very little going on in the sense of commercial stuff. Can't wait to see what you've been knitting!