Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Surf Camp

This week Swee' Pea is in surf camp. It's been the perfect time, as school being still in session has kept the class small. It's just her and a 13-yr old boy that's his dad sitting between them). Lorenzo taught some basics before they ever got to get in the water.


Lorenzo gets the kids into  just the right spot to catch a wave.

The water is even more freezing than usual after winter held out so long. Fortunately the surf school has plenty of wet suits to borrow from. The kids were able to get right up on their first waves. Yesterday the waves were more of a challenge, being 'cumbly', as we were told- they broke up quickly so there weren't a lot of long rides. Today Lorenzo is teaching Fidget and friend how to get themselves to the right place to drop into the waves. After this, he says they won't need him anymore.Which is good because it's the last day, and now Fidget'll be set to teach us all she knows!

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