Friday, July 8, 2011

One Last Painting

Hello again, in what may be my last post from River's Edge. We'll be packing up in a week and there's lots to do before the movers come. But I wanted to share the painting I did this week of 'Willa Marie', the dog next door. I think you can see she's got a lot of personality. I did a bit more touching up on the painting this evening after dinner, so it doesn't look exactly like this. It is such fun to keep working on something. I love doing paintings like this. I would love to do a bunch more when we get to our new house!


  1. It's beautiful and fun... your eyes and hands are awesome!!

  2. Thanks Lollie, Give God the glory because I still feel like it isn't me! But I can see how my painting is progressing over the years and even over the past months as God has brought much work my way. It is exciting to follow God in this. I can't wait to see how it will go in RI! xo

  3. Wow- You are amazing. A lot of animal paintings are so flat. The dogs eyes are so full of life and character. Beautiful work.