Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Red Dodger

Good morning from River's Edge! It can't be all painting and yard work around here. This weekend we took a break from the usual and Fidget picked out a recipe to make. Gingerbread men in July, you ask? But of course!
Fidget has decided she is no longer superhero The Tiger Kid. Instead, she is The Red Dodger. Has a ring to it, don't you agree? Since we weren't interested in getting the gingerbread man and lady cookie cutters out of the basement, we used the angels, frog and bear cutters we keep in the kitchen. Here are some of the results. The Pres drew a lovely sketch of the Red Dodger in his sketchbook so I tried to capture a bit of the look in one of the angel cookies. The recipe turned out to be a dud but we had fun decorating!


  1. Fun!! I always liked baking cookies with the kids when they were young! A break from the usual chores is always welcome and refreshing as well!

  2. Yes, and it was especially good for us as she's felt neglected with all the painting going on. Of course she's been swimming a lot too but she needed some mommy and me time. xo