Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Harbor View Bakery Days

A new friend came to bake a couple weeks ago. She came for tea this weekend and we decided to have another baking day this week, with knitting lessons. Here are the first bake day photos which she took and emailed me later. We had such fun and it was sweet to both our souls to have this fellowship. God is good!

First, our wholesome bagels. The key to them is King Arthur Flour's Non-diastatic Malt Powder. The bagels lost their center holes as they rose but they were delicious.

Basic white bread with a little wheat.

Cinnamon Swirl Loaf from my Fleishmann's Yeast Cookbook. I got it years ago with a couple proofs of purchase and a dollar or two shipping. It is one of my best cookbooks. I love the streusel crust on this bread, and it makes wonderful cinnamon sugar toast or french bread.

Glazed Orange Rolls. These are like cinnamon rolls only with orange glaze. Such a fresh change from cinnamon. 

Next time, photos from today's baking- knitting lunch!

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