Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Showers

Hello again from Harbor View. Yesterday and the day before were rainy but the sun is back and with it the wind. We've taken a break of sorts here, as family came in town and then I threw a spring tea this weekend. Now it's back to school for me and Fidget, and though we like the routine I also want to be spontaneous. Yesterday we took a mid-morning walk to a nearby bridge to feed fish some of our vanilla madeleines that were tea party leftovers. 

I was trying a new recipe. It made so many, we had plenty to share with ladies at tea, then fish, seagulls, and finally we squashed a bunch of the little sponge cakes in our birds' suet feeder in the yard. I wasn't sure how they'd go over, but they're gone today. Since I still hadn't shopped for suet (and my attempts at home made suet were disastrous) I put the last quarter of a loaf of white whole wheat loaf in- and so far no complaints.The recipe is for white bread but I like to add a cup of whole wheat and some wheat germ or flax seed meal.

I've also been knitting in between other activities. Here is the scarf for our WWII Navy submariner vet friend Joe. Not that he'll want it in spring...but I need to send it before we move because who knows if it will get lost. I'd rather it get lost at his house. Yarn page here.

And my second pair of Hedgerow socks with a wool/nylon blend. 

Meanwhile I'm once again behind on baby presents. A friend's baby has come before I expected (probably not before she expected) so I will post a picture of their little gift soon. For now, it's time for a blustery day bike ride.


  1. i have girl envy. :) These 4 boys are lovely, but a little more estrogen in this house would be nice too. haha! I'm definitely going to try that recipe. The wind is blowing like crazy around our parts too. I long for the days that the boys can run wild outside all day long.

  2. You are so kind to the birds feeding them your yummy home baked goodies! Of course there are no complaints!! I also love the projects! That scarf turned out great and the sock is gorgeous!!
    Love you!