Monday, May 14, 2012

Work in Progress

This shore scene in oils is due June 15. I am pleased with how it is starting out. I am working with umber and bleached titanium in the rocks, and predominantly Prussian blue,Bonnard blue and sap green in the water.We are scheduled to move at the end of June so this may be my last painting in Rhode Island. Today we get to pick up Fidget's Christmas painting from the local museum where it's been in a show for several months. She is looking forward to getting it back. I am beginning to look forward to our next house and thinking about the paintings I'll hope to do there. 

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, especially for a Mother's Day. Fidget and the Pres rigged a hammock up for her in the yard, and he did some studying while I painted. Then he grilled some country style spare ribs and we topped it off by biking into town for gelatos. I am so blessed to have this family. God is good. 

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