Saturday, June 9, 2012

A few things we're up to at Harbor View

 Baking as usual. Baking lots of breads and trying new things like a scrumptious Banana Bread from Bon Appetit. I have also made chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cranberry/cherry cookies this week.

Visiting the Newport Mansions. I am pretty sure this one was Marble House. Though after awhile they all run together. It is really annoying that you're not allowed to take pictures inside. That did not stop one woman on our tour of Chepstow this morning. That annoyed me even more.

This one is called Chateau sur Mer because when they built it they had terrific views of the ocean and bay. Sadly no more since the area has been built up over the past hundred and fifty years. Because of its roof Fidget and I said it would be a prime candidate for filming a haunted house movie. We imagined bats flying out as we walked up to the door. But we enjoyed the tour.

Staying inspired with heavenly yarns (color 3820 Raspberry Print). This one actually has aloe vera in it! I am making spa socks for a friend. Not to take to a spa, but to feel like you're giving your tootsies a spa just by wearing the socks. 

This yarn (color 9807 Blue Multi), which is a sleek 50% acrylic and 50% nylon, is turning into Father's Day socks for the Pres. They are shorties for cycling. They're not getting done quick enough, is all I know.  I am not sure they'll be finished in time. I'm still on sock 1! But I will be keeping busy right through our house hunting.

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