Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rosy Hedges and Rosy Outlook

Update on my Pink Hedges socks, from Jane Cochran's pattern Jane's Hedgerow Socks available on Knitter's Review. I finished these last night and will be blocking today to send them out shortly after. Unfortunately I cannot give such an optimistic update of the Pres' Father's Day socks.

Here is as far as I got before I tried it on myself to try estimating how long to make the foot. The sad news is it barely fit my foot. I guess the nylon in the yarn is making it tighter than normal yarn. I discovered this two days ago and have not known what to do. I considered making the pair and giving them to someone small. But I picked this yarn for the Pres and think he would get a lot of use out of socks from it because of the muted masculine colors. So this morning I decided to frog it, that is, take it all apart, and start over with larger needles. There's no way I'll finish by Father's Day but at least I will still get to give him a thoughtful present fairly soon. 

Yesterday I had a knit and bake day with dear friends from Bible study. I will miss them when we move but am so happy I get to store up memories of sweet fellowship before we go. God is so good.

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  1. Love the pink socks!! And soooo sorry about the ones for the Pres, but I think you are right, those colors are great for a guy and you will be done soon enough w/the new pair.
    Once again you inspire me...
    Thankful you get to store up memories before you leave... sweet times!
    Love you!