Friday, February 22, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

We're back at River's Edge Bungalow and settling in well. It's been a few busy weeks of moving things from the apartment, then receiving our shipment of household goods from Rhode Island, unpacking, and fixing things that were broken or neglected when the tenants were here. Fidget is glad to have her little hall space back. The Pres redid this area for her birthday a few years ago. He put in a cork board at the top and a chalk board below. On the sides we painted magnetic primer below the blue color so she could put magnets there as well. For that birthday I got photos of her and magnetized them and pretty dresses from a girls' fancy dress catalog. That was a fun birthday. It's so great to rediscover all the things we love about this home.


  1. THis is a brilliant idea! I'll have to share that with Amanda... I am so happy for you all to be back in your old house... like going home to an old friend!

  2. Yes, it is such a blessing to be here. We look forward to your visit!