Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Grey skies, rain and grieving here today. I was reminded last week that the tough questions, the unsolved hurts, are times we must choose to draw near to God. We can trust even when we don't understand, and God will bring redemption of even those things that we cannot reconcile. We continue to unpack. Here is a little quilt that gets broken every time we move. I am finally making a new little clay figure, a little Fidget swinging high and carefree, that I made from one of my favorite old photos of her. The quilt isn't ruined if I determine to make it better as I refashion it. Just as the hard things don't break us, but increase our faith as we offer them back to God.


  1. Now I understand . . . This is a beautiful quilt. and I love that you are reminded, and thus remind us that God with us keeps us whole.

  2. Thank you, friend. I unfortunately broke this new little figure as I carved on it. So I went back to the older figure, the Pres fixed it for me and I am painting it bolder colors than last time. All it needs now is a clear coat. I will post a photo when it's finished. xo

  3. Jesse, I have somehow lost your feed but I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I've been reading your back posts.
    I am always inspired either creatively or spiritually. I hope things are better for you now.

    And I love your knitting projects....especially the socks ;) I have a fondness for knitting toe-ups.

  4. Thanks Bonnie. Dittos! You like me are involved in many areas of creativity and I think we feed one another as we share our work. I love how the internet lets us be close to people no matter where they are on the globe. I wish we were out west and could stop by your place sometime.
    I'm working on a bunch of goodies for posting on etsy and I look forward to unveiling them soon! Feeling God calling me to step out in this way is exciting and faith building. I hope you will stop by again soon! :)