Thursday, July 11, 2013


Savoring these days. Fidget will soon be 9 and the Pres is always off on another trip. These are the golden moments.


  1. Nine!? How can that be! It doesn't seem so long ago that she was just a toddler and you pushed her in a stroller through our neighborhood on your early morning runs. We just finally sold our house on Azalea this spring. Do you still have your Acorn Hollow?

  2. We do still have Acorn Hollow, Zoe! Prayerfully, we plan to go back there when the Pres retires. He pins Lt Col on Aug 1 so we'll have a couple-few yrs left to pay back and then hope to get back south. Hope we end up near you. I caught up on your blog the other day and it seems I've missed some births! Congratulations to your busy, blessed household! Wish they could come to Fidget's birthday party. It is amazing she's so very old. But at once she's young and it's such a joy to spend my days with her. We are very blessed indeed.