Friday, July 5, 2013

Surf Days

I know I haven't made many posts lately but we're out in the yard and the shed, working on porch ceiling boards and swimming with Fidget. We've made such good progress that we've allowed ourselves some time off. What a blessing to live in a free country.  And God is so good to give us this time together as a family. These memories get us through the times apart. 

Surf's up!


  1. "These memories get us through the times apart." So very true. We are doing some catching up and making memories around here in between some times apart this summer too. I do think that family time together is more treasured when it is not always a given.
    Happy surfing and happy summer to you!!

  2. Happy summer to you too, Zoe! There is always another deployment coming here. Thankfully ours are short but these memories we make are all the more special times, knowing times apart are coming. I'm glad your family can take advantage of time together too. Wish we could get our kids together! :l