Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine

How long, O Lord? David wrote in the Psalms. All of us have felt overlooked or unanswered at one time or another. I am not feeling overlooked, but am tired of looking to God and wanting something. Of course I have many needs that God supplies without me even being aware of it through the day. But there are other things I have asked and asked for and have not gotten, in God's wisdom. I have searched my heart- and God's word about that in the past 2 months.

And now I am at a place of losing preconceived notions about what God will or won't do, or what His will is for me. Who knows His will, until He bends our paths and leads us? We know some general things that are His will for us in Christ Jesus, as His word tells us. But specifically, He shows us as we go. He shows us through sermons, circumstances, and the wise counsel of trusted family and friends. He even shows us through dreams sometimes.

I am to a place with my husband, The Pres as I call him, of not wanting to manipulate him into doing what I want. I find I appreciate him more and more for who God made him to be, and how he serves us- me and Fidget- every day of the year. Maybe the best valentine is accepting each other just how we are and loving each other for who they are, who God gave us to love. 

We all want to be better than we are, lose our bad habits and be charitable toward others all the time in our thoughts and actions. But we are who we are, and having someone love you for who you are right now is priceless. There is no more genuine love. My husband has long followed Christ's example of loving me in the meantime, not just at the end when I am better- and in heaven, perfect. No one, not even someone great, deserves that. His love is a valentine that doesn't depend on flowers on a certain day or chocolates, though those are nice. His love, like God's, is a valentine for every day of the year.


  1. Amen Sister!! I have come to this same place with the Hubs... there are a lot of things he is not, but he is a lot of really great, honorable things. And I asked him once why he loved me [after a particular episode of me coming undone] and he replied, "Why is the sky blue?" He didn't need 'reasons' to find me loveable... he just loved me. Amazing!

    I no longer believe God's will is some elusive plan I need to try to find. I'm not on the 'highway' and God's will for my life is a certain exit and I have to figure out which one, and He's kind of secretive about telling me which one... I think He stands at each exit.. well actually, I don't even think there is a highway anymore! I think Jesus Christ is God's Will and I am in HIM and therefore in His Will and as I live IN Him, He will use EVERYTHING for His glory and redeem every choice I make. We always believe that everything we've done before we come to Christ is forgiven and redeemed somehow, but once we are in Christ we are so hard on ourselves, as if He isn't also redeeming and using everything with us In Hiim... did that make sense? Somehow we can be forgiven for anything when we to come to Christ, but once in Him we have this sense of being able to do something that will severe the relationship... we are so afraid of screwing something up and we don't live in peace when peace is the exact thing He came to give us!

  2. You are so right. We are tougher on ourselves than we should be, because we are forgiven. We shouldn't keep dragging ourselves back to things we've done and shaking our finger at ourselves. Why do we do it?
    I loved your husband's answer about your 'sky blue' marriage. How lovely! It is good we can appreciate them and let them know, isn't it. God is good. He knows just what we need.

  3. Beautifully said! I am loving your blog ... you are quite gifted with words (and pictures).