Monday, February 28, 2011

A Valentine Lunch Tea

 Fidget and I had a lovely little lunch with ladies a couple weeks agoIt started as a valentine party, but that was just an excuse to get together. I really wanted to get to know folks better and fellowship with them. We had a great time and the kids played outside all afternoon on what turned out to be a lovely warm day. I took some pictures as my baking progressed. Above are some of the goodies: valentine sugar cookies, oatmeal scotchies that we later made into ice cream sandwiches for our guests, checkerboard cookies...
 mini ham and cheese frittatas,
 spinach and cheese pinwheels,
 mocha madeleines (before the scrumptious espresso glaze),
and scones. The spoon is there for the lemon curd, which took a couple of tries before I got it right. But it was worth the trouble. I've already made it again. Now we're planning another lunch with friends from Bible study and their kids. It's so nice to see mild weather returning. We're ready to shed our winter wear and feel the sun again. 
Of the ladies who came to the last lunch, the overwhelming feedback I got was what a welcome break it was from real life's demands. Which is probably why I am planning another lunch so soon. Any bit of encouragement, and I am off and running. I am lucky I get to have people over, and that life with the Pres and Fidget allows for quiet times enjoying the blessings of home.


  1. It all looks so lovely and scrumptious! Wish I was closer to fellowship w/you in person!!