Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

 We went biking and swimming first thing this morning. We're hearing the hurricane may be on its way and to brace ourselves for the storm. For now though it's days as usual and all is calm.

Our house is so close to this pier that we ride here several times a day and go swimming. We are calling the new house Harbor View. Fitting, don't you think? The Pres came up with it. I think this is the first house he's named. Though he wouldn't have given any suggestions if I hadn't asked, still, he's come a long way. Or, I'm wearing him down after all these years. :)
 Just beyond this pier is another water access park. Sometimes people jump off and swim pier to pier, or over to the beach area.
 I love this periwinkle wicker chair set that we pass every day. Such a luxurious, comfortable porch. I bet the owner would be surprised to come home and find us sitting up there! So far, we haven't succumbed to the urge.
 A side view of the Anglican church.
 A lovely old bed and breakfast.
 Rhode Island is big on hedges and historic fences.
 Front of the Anglican church which is almost always open. This morning we stopped in briefly.
 It has some gorgeous stained glass pieces in the front entry.

 A neighbor's gated hedge always intrigues me as we go by.
 We got to Rhode Island in time to see all the multi-colored hydrangeas blooming. They are past their prime now, but still  beautiful to look at as they dry on the bush. The one at Harbor View is green, not as flashy as some bright fuschia and deep purply-blue ones, the soft pink ones that turn to green and the pale blues that deepen over time.
We also have roses around the door, which sometimes dress up our dinner table. They are so cheering to come home to. Sometimes we get a chill, especially when the breeze cools us in our wet clothes on our way home from the afternoon and evening swims. Then it's the perfect time for a cup of tea.


  1. Are you trying to lure us in for a visit?? Well, it's working! What a beautiful place! Especially the periwinkle wicker! I dare you to go give it a sit! love you and be safe! mq

  2. Indeed, you are doing a great job of luring us up there!!! It's a beautiful area and you seem to be taking it for all it's worth!!

  3. I knew the wicker would get you Mika'l, and Lollie- I'm just giving you a pre-visit tour to ensure you don't cancel on me! Miss you both-

  4. Stay safe!! We are getting lots of rain and winds now and bracing for it to get worse soon. Think of you lots and miss your smiling face on Sunday mornings. Love, Nicole

  5. Thanks Nik, we just got power back and all is well here and at our Va house. Hope you fared well and have electricity too. I don't realize how convenient it is until I don't have it!
    Miss you too on Sundays- we haven't settled in to a church yet... It's hard.