Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calm During- and After- the Storm

Hello again on another peaceful day on Aquidneck, where we live. The storm did not hit us all that hard here on Rhode Island, even though we were without power about 30 hours. We thank God that the storm passed easily and we had no flooding or breakage. Even though we knew things could have been much different, we have  seen Him bring us through much worse storms in N.C. when we lived there. And we trusted, no matter what He chose to do, He would bring us through.

The day after the  storm was very sunny and there was a chill in the air. There were hardly any cars on the bridge, after all why come here when there was no power? There were a few people at the dock putting their boats back in the water. Life was returning to normal. There was no thought of the Pres going to work, so we went for a long walk. During our shore-combing we found lots of old pottery shards and shells and starfish and sea glass to add to our collection. It was just a bit too chilly for the Pres and me to think of swimming, but that didn't stop Fidget. 

Sunday morning early, as the rain started to get heavy, I made King Arthur Flour's Simply Sinful Cinnamon Muffins. I was so glad I did later, as shortly after Fidget got up we lost power. She is determined to hate almost anything baked, but these still won her over, I am thrilled to say. I didn't make the topping because I didn't have pecans. And I'd read a reader's review saying it didn't need the topping. Maybe they were just slightly less sinful! Either way they were such a cheerful way to weather the storm together. I only wished I'd had a cup of hot tea with them.

 It warmed up as the day wore on. First thing in the morning though we all got out our home made socks to wear with long pants. But darn it, Fidget's socks had a hole. You may remember them, above.
Who would've thought they'd have a hole already, when I just made them in January? Anyone have any great ideas on how to darn things? I've never liked a pair of socks enough to fix them before.

During the storm, we kept busy playing Bananagrams, Scrabble Jr., reading a thousand and one library books, and knitting. The Pres kept up with his homework. Here's my current project. I was so happy to discover this yarn leftover from my dear friend Karen's project. And I had a pattern called Cafe Au Lait Mitts by Paula Mc Keever that I wanted to try. I love this pattern! The only bummer is that I have almost run out of this gorgeous Cascade 220 yarn. So I need to find a yarn shop before I start the second glove.

The power returned yesterday afternoon after our long walk. It was so peaceful to go in, sit down with a hot cup of tea, and knit away.


  1. glad to know you are ok, I was worried.

  2. Thanks- glad you all escaped the storm this time. That's another thing we love about the Lowcountry, you tend to miss all the stormy excitement. :)

  3. It's so pretty there... So glad you didn't get hit hard. Have you googled darning socks yet? I bet you'd find some good info on the web. I've done it before, well, not socks, but fixed a hole in knittig. You pick up the loops and tuck the threads in... does that make sense? Maybe there are pictures on line! They are such pretty socks they need to be saved! ;-)

  4. You're right, I should have looked online. Instead I just went for it with needle and yarn, trying to get those loops before they went even further away. The result is not the prettiest, but I did save the sock, and Fidget was satisfied. Next time I will do some research first.