Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wet Paint

Here is the peaceful scene I painted in last week. I don't know how Monet and those guys kept up that plein air (aka outside in the open air) painting all the time. Although there's nothing like being in the fresh air and the beauty of nature, there is so much to lug from the car! Then there's getting the wet canvas back home undisturbed. I can't imagine walking in from home or using a bicycle. 

That day I had a recalcitrant easel and I didn't have one of Monet's handy portable camp stools either so I had to set up on a rock where my easel could sit below and I could sit above. I painted one day on site and 2 back home where I had a comfy seat and a hot cup of tea at my side.
Here's the finished product. I was happy with how it came out. It was hard to give it away. It was fun to go to the Wet Paint show Saturday night and see all the wet work lining the walls. The bids were low from what we saw, including on mine, with just a few exceptions. We did not go back Sunday afternoon for the live auction they held for the work in which there was great interest (and high Friday night silent auction bidding). I am sure my painting was already gone by then. I hope it's in appreciative hands.

Even thought it was hard to give it away, it was good practice, and humbling to see the very low bids on it when we were there!


  1. Beautiful painting. Your new surroundings sound magical. I love any town with History and old houses. I hope you settle in soon and love it there. BTW, loved the dog potrait of Willa a few posts back.

  2. Thanks Bonnie. I have been enjoying your blog too. I am working on a portrait of Willa's owner's niece now. Though it is hard to keep my mind on painting when the surroundings here are so pretty. Fidget and I try to get up and home school, but the water and the bicycles keep calling to us! :)lara