Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beauty All Around

The two weeks we had with my in-laws went by so quickly. We ate seafood, barbecued, tried new recipes, and just enjoyed being together. I hardly know how to catch up with showing all we did. These pictures show just one day's events.


We went to the Green Animals Topiary Gardens and had a tour of the grand house on the property. Fidget's favorite part were the toy exhibits. One room was all doll houses. The woman who lived there loved children so she hosted a children's party every July. They still carry on her tradition. Too bad we missed it. I wonder if we'll be here for it next year.

There were dozens of animals and people created in topiaries on the property. Fidget delighted in running through them, back and forth. She even hugged the giant bear, right before we were told not to touch the bushes. Oops!

The dahlia garden was exquisite. I could have stayed there all day. There are times when I look back through pictures of all we've done and think, was I really surrounded by all that beauty? 

 The inventive scarecrows welcomed visitors more than scaring any away. 

 Even the gates at the property were distinctive.There was no way to photograph it all!

That same day, we switched gears after lunch and took a boat ride out in the harbor. Not only did we get a closer look at some historic places, we also passed Mirabella V, the tallest-masted sailboat in the world. She was in harbor for the International Boat Show over the weekend. This was the highest-priced boat there, on sale for 49 million euros! I wonder if they had any offers?

The first woman light house keeper lived and worked here.  Her father had been keeper of the light before her. I think this sounds like the perfect start to a children's book...

The far boat in this shot, we were told on our boat tour, is the one from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. We knew there was something familiar about it. There were so many beautiful boats and things to see on shore, it was hard to take it all in at once. Looking back, I wish I had more pictures. I am so glad we have at least three more seasons to enjoy here!

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  1. Love all your pictures!! What a great area to be exploring!! It's hard to believe the 2 weeks is up already... that went fast!