Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Beauty

Yesterday was beautiful at nearby Fort Adams. Grandma, Grandaddy, The Pres, Fig and I all went over there to take advantage of the rare sunny day this week. On the way we found the local farmers' market and got fresh organic meats and cheese to take home. We also got warm, flaky blueberry and strawberry cream cheese turnovers. That started the day off right. Never mind that we already had breakfast at home.

The water was chilly but Fidget ran right in. She brought dishes and a shovel with her and played cooking for hours, dashing in and out of the water. She also did water shows for Grandma, who was the captive audience in the beach chair. We had the beach to ourselves for most of the time we were there.Maybe the locals think it's too cold for the beach now that Labor Day is past. But we wanted to enjoy it before it turns truly cold.

 Even though it was chilly water, it got up to the low 80's outside.  Dad and I waded in looking for starfish and other pretty sealife. The Pres snorkeled around the cove and brought back some impressive pottery shards (they called them pot sherds when we were in art history class).

 Dad and I headed over there and found some lovely pieces too. In the cove the shoreline is all covered with a fine silt, disguising pottery pieces, which may explain why they're still there hundreds of years later. They are so old, they must be colonial, like many of the houses around here. I was fascinated. I can't believe Fidget had no interest.

 Here is the pile the Pres and I brought home, with some bottle necks and bottoms, pieces of dinner plate and bowls, cups, who knows what else. One piece looked like it had been shaped around a thumb and the Pres said that is likely part of a man's pipe!

 We were not too tired when we got home, so changed clothes and went to the Tennis Hall of Fame, and shopped the street it's on, and even hit the Portuguese Festival on Bellevue Ave. It was such a great day. When we got back Mumsy and I wound my new skeins of yarn into balls. This is Manos Maxima by Manos Del Uruguay, color: Chrysanthemum. I can't wait to start knitting Fidget a new winter pullover. It was supposed to rain today but the sun's coming up in a clear blue sky. I may not get any knitting done today after all. There are still plenty of sights left to see here in Rhode Island.

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  1. I love hearing about and seeing all your adventures on RI! It's been a great duty station for you guys so far!!