Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why You Didn't Get a Christmas Present From Me

This year we knew Christmas was going to be tight because of the house that didn't rent when we left Virginia. But I realized that soon enough to make a lot of presents. The first one I made in August. Here are all the things I made. And even though I made more than I've ever made for Christmas before, I didn't get anything made for anyone outside the family, with the exception of the two pairs of fingerless gloves my friend Shikila from Bible study paid me to make. I even neglected my letter writing. If you didn't hear from me, here's why: see the culmination of my Christmas knitting below.
 Socks for Mumsy

Matching Fingerless Gloves

Kaleidoscope fingerless gloves for Shikila's daughter

Cafe Au Lait fingerless gloves for Shikila

Little Sister socks

Big Sister Socks

Arm warmers for the Pres

Cousin Anne's fingerless gloves

Dad's socks

And finally, a hat for the Pres. 

Phew! That's a lot of work, including the painting and story for Fidget. It was a good year. Happily, I received Christmas money and my favorite online shop, Yarn.com, is having a sale. So I will have to set my sights higher for next Christmas. And maybe if I start now, I can keep up with my letter writing too- so watch your mailbox. And happy new year!


  1. WOW... think of how many stitches that all was!! You are amazing!! Everything is beautiful and full of your love!! Happy yarn shopping!! XOXOX!

  2. Thanks Lollie. It's so mind-boggling now that I actually can order something, after drooling over yarn for so many months. Now I don't know what to order! :)