Friday, December 16, 2011

Joy Along the Way

Christmas greetings to those near and far! The season is going too quickly for my liking this year. Fidget and I returned from our quick trip to Virginia delivering and varnishing paintings. Now we are both sick. Ahhhh! But there's so much to do...

This is just the time to stop and think about what Christmas is all about. Time for a walk along shore, admiring gardens and bowers along the way, finding broken pottery and pretty shells and remembering that Jesus came at Christmas time not to give us an unending list of things to scurry around doing; but to rest in Him, and His finished work when He died on the cross and rose again for our sins. 

May your Christmas be truly merry- not just the day, but may you have joy in your heart and anticipation in the days that lead up to it. If the question is of squeezing one more thing in or having time to relax with a cup of tea and meditate on God's wonders, I hope you will do the latter. May God bless you as you seek Him amidst the bustle of the season.


  1. Yes! Thank you for saying that so well. It's been swimming in my head and you put words to it! I promise to sit and have tea, I only wish it could be with you!! Love the pictures... that one of the viney arbor is really cool w/the sea beyond!

  2. Thanks, I wish we could be together with our tea too. In the pic I was trying to get the bridge that is out there, but it fades out in the distance. I am sorry you can't see it. But one day!