Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Blessings

The beginning of each new year is a time we can determine to respond to God’s goodness. It is especially convenient when the new year starts on the weekend and we have more leisure time to think about the past year with all its happiness and regrets; things we did right that we want to repeat, and things best forgotten. We remember dear ones who have passed away and resolve to honor them, and be more like them, this year. It is also a time we can newly commit to God, to be His, and take shelter under His wing.

Sometimes, as at the end of this year, I haven’t known what to pray. But God knows how He is turning all the unfulfilled things, disappointments and sorrows in life into something glorious.  So we look to Him; He’s the only one who can turn the bad into His glory and our good. As 2011 rolls around, I am looking to the Bible to see what its writers thought, struggled with and prayed. I am encouraged by Psalm 86, a prayer of David, and with him I say, “(Ps. 86:4) Bring joy to your servant, Lord, for I put my trust in you.” I am confident that as God brought joy to David and watched over him, He will do the same for us. I am determined to trust Him- His plan, His unfailing love. That doesn’t mean I always understand, but it does bring me that deep down heart’s peace that I've never gotten anywhere else. Where does your peace come from?

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