Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Strength and Trust- or lack of them

Recently someone sent me a book of Charles Spurgeon's writings paraphrased to make the language more modern. This morning I read from it something I found helpful: that you can't serve God in your strength, only with the strength He gives at the time you need it. As Fidget and I return to home schooling today, it is good for me to mull over the fact that my strength is not even an issue. I don't have to get myself together or be a spiritual giant before I can be used by God. God will in fact, give me all that I need to serve, exactly when I need it. So bring on the day, bring on the first grade English lessons. He will strengthen me to teach, and Fidget to learn. 

Another wonderful thing about trusting God is that we watch Him work in our lives daily, hourly. Minute by minute even. So even when I am lacking in trust, He is still at work, delivering on promises He made throughout the Bible. He is faithful, and if we watch we will see God prove himself over and over. This inspires trust. And thinking on ways He has answered and miraculously delivered us in the past inspires trust as well. If you are feeling feeble in the faith, think back on what He has done in your life before, and watch what He is doing around you. He will not fail to strengthen you for your day, and me for mine.

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  1. . . . And our faith or trust is not about us--how much or how strong, it's about WHO we have faith in. We can have just a smidgen, but when it's IN HIM, it's enough! I'm so thankful that it's not about me and all about HIM!! Thanks for the reminder!!