Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Pres

This sorry sight is from a great recipe in my Hershey's chocolate cookbook. I've made them before and they were delicious- and looked nothing like the above! This was supposed to be the Pres' birthday espresso-filled mini cakes.
Fortunately, my anniversary baking went better. Here's the mini apple pie and tiny grape tarts, with the little peach tarts in back. They were made of dough scraps- just rolled out the dough and cut into rectangles, put a teaspoon of peach preserves on one side, folded the dough over and crimped it, and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top. Even though Fidget has no interest in eating baked goods, I like that she wants to help. Making tiny tarts reminds me of baking when I was little. Even if she never likes baked goods, I hope Fig will bake with her kids one day. 

I'm glad I started baking in the morning, so there's plenty of time to try my recipe again. I already have no present for the Pres. I'd hate to have nothing baked for him too!

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