Thursday, April 7, 2011

At the River's Edge

Fidget and I went down the street to the river yesterday. We were delighted to see the tide was the lowest we'd ever seen. We walked way out on the squishy sand and found all kinds of treasures. We brought a shovel and a trowel, imagining we were archaeologists, and what fun it was to lose ourselves for an hour walking the shoreline way out almost to the bridge pilings. Fidget made a pyramid and a tunnel; I collected pot shards. 

Who used to own the things that made up these dishes, we wondered? How did they lose them? That was enough to spark our imaginations. Actually, Fidget's imagination needs no sparking. On the way to the river she pretended we were dolls out for a walk without their owner.

It is such fun to observe Fidget's simple joy in the sunshine, going walking and exploring. How God must delight too, in seeing His children enjoy the good gifts He gives.


  1. Children are great w/their imaginations... wish we kept more of that as we age. Wish I could walk to the river with you gals and search for treasure... what a pleasant way to spend the afternoon!!

  2. It sure was. We went again this morning, but we were on a deadline to get to a museum program on time. Not as leisurely. But a beautiful way to start the day. I hope you get out today too!

  3. I have an old house (1865) and I am constantly finding pieces of old white ironstone in the pasture and garden. It's always exciting, even though I have hundreds of pieces. I love thinking about the women and children who played, and worked, and loved in my old house. It connects us.