Friday, April 29, 2011

Turtle Gloves

I'm doing a lot of knitting even though it's spring and there's lots to do outside. I am a writer, but home schooling a busy 6-year old leaves me little time for the silence that requires. Knitting, like baking, is something I do to wrap myself in my own world. This is why I resist help in the kitchen, for now anyway. One day soon Fidget will need to start learning some skills in there. 

Knitting is something I can do even while I teach. So I am doing a lot of it. Here is a fingerless glove I've just finished. I used Cascade 220 Superwash (non-scratchy, easy-care wool) Paints in 2 shades: Celtic (all greens) and Juniper Berries (shades of green to aqua).

This pattern is a Ravelry download which is simpler than  other ones I'd made. I'd rather pay the $5.50 and get a well-designed pattern than a free one in a magazine that always results in getting holes where you add stitches for the thumb gusset, as had happened in the past. This great pattern is called Lazychick's Cabled Fingerless Mitts.

I made some for Fidget last week all in Celtic and was going to make myself a pair to match, but it turns out I would have run out of yarn. So I put leftovers from those 2 skeins together.  Midway through the current glove I realized the colors are just like those from a stuffed turtle my mom made me when I was little. What fun! Turtle gloves! 

We have a lot going on at home these days. We are moving soon and are faced with lots of decisions. Not only about moving. Naturally this is when the ice maker broke, flooding the kitchen and basement overnight. This is when the fix it guy comes over and tells us we can't keep fixing this old relic, that we've got to get a new AC now before it gets sweltering out. We may not be able to return here after a year away so we may want to sell the house- but then again, we might be back. Should we attempt to rent it out? Who would fix errant ice makers and rogue ACs?

Is it any wonder I'm doing a lot of knitting? I can't wait til it gets chilly again and I can use my turtle gloves. At least we're moving somewhere cold!


  1. The fingerless mitt is beautiful!! And it sounds like you need all those endorphins knitting produces!! Love ya!

  2. Thanks! I was going to put a pic of both at the bottom but had such trouble just getting what I got that I finally gave up. Ah well. There's always next time. Happy knitting weekend!

  3. Dear Jesse,
    I enjoyed your post. I've done knitting and crocheting. It took me a long time to crochet an afghan, but I finished it. Hurray, Hurray. Thanks for putting my blog in your Blog List. I am honored. Do something good for you.
    Joan Y. Edwards

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Joan. Good for you on the afghan. That sounds like a big commitment! I do find finishing projects very satisfying. :)Enjoy-

  5. I have thought about finding some of those mitts for my sister (a runner). Yours look great - good job!

    I am thankful, by the way, for people who fix up "relics". Reminds me that no matter how far I have gone...there is a Master Builder at hand to bring things to a glorious end (beginning)...

  6. True, Laura. We always feel good about buying an old house and cutting out rot and putting in new wood, windows, etc. We put a piece of ourselves, our character into it. Just like how the Master Builder shows more and more of Himself in us as He changes us for the better.

    By the way, I'd be glad to knit something for your sister. The skein for the gloves above was $12.80. These gloves only need 1 skein, so they're a very affordable, but still special, gift. If easy care wool isn't suitable for her let me know what is, and what colors she likes, etc. I'm only working on one pair of gloves and an oil painting of a house, so I obviously need more to do!