Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovelies come lately

Here is my first pair of knitted socks and the two pairs of fingerless gloves I've made in the past couple weeks. the longer I knit the more I enjoy choosing cheerful colors- all these are washable wools. I love small but challenging projects,which is probably what keeps me coming back to baking bagels and English muffins too.
As a woman who is home most of my days, it is deeply satisfying to me that the work of my hands can bless those even beyond my family. There are so many recipes, so many knitting and quilting patterns, that I will never run out of interesting things to do!


  1. Everything is soooo pretty! You inspire me to finish up this hard scarf so I can get on to smaller projects... graification comes sooner! And cheerful yarn is an amazing mood lifter!!
    Wish we could sit and knit together while we ate toasted bagels!

  2. Sounds like a perfect morning! That's mood-lifting just thinking about it. Thanks!

  3. With cute socks like that, I might even give up my flip flops!

  4. No need to give them up- I bet these socks would even make flip flops look distinguished.