Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fidget's Latest Accomplishment

I am in a hotel room in Rhode Island as we are here looking for a house. It's been too long since I've written here though so I wanted to share a picture of Fidget from last week. 

We had an ever so long, tiring and exciting week of camp together. She was in the sports side of the camp and I was in the art teaching side but we ran into each other every day and that brought me joy. The campers stole my heart, especially a little girl named Cecilia, and I hate to leave her, but that's how it is in a military family. You meet people, you love them, you leave. But that's another excuse to write- as if I needed an excuse.

Anyway, back to last week. At the end of the week Fidget had her green belt test in karate. After such a tiring week we were extra proud to see her go through all her steps, punches and moves with confidence. Even though I saw her yawning during the test. She had to recite 10 Bible verses and know the lengthy student creed as well. And she did it!

This picture of her with a favorite sensei, Lindsay, shows Fidget in her last few minutes of being a Little Dragons black belt. She did earn her black belt in the little kids' class in February. But now she has graduated to her first grown up karate belt and we are very proud of her. It is just as well we are house hunting and skipping school. This kid has earned a big break!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Fidget!! That is a great accomplishment!