Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scramble of the Week

It's been awhile since I checked in. I appreciate anyone who looks at my page with any frequency and I am sorry I haven't put anything new on... So for you: All right, folks, here's the low down. 

We are about to move. 
We are trying to get our house ready to rent out,
trying to find a place to live in Rhode Island, and 
having the kitchen and bathroom redone because the water line to the ice maker broke recently and ruined those rooms as well and flooding the basement. 

On top of that I am getting to paint!
 Here's the adorable puppy I am working on this week for our neighbor. Hope to be finished by Wednesday, especially since I have 2 or 3 more house pictures to sketch and possibly draw. Can you see how much fun I am having at this? Can you believe people pay me for having this kind of fun?
 Here's the house I finished a couple of weeks ago.
And here is Brandy, a portrait of a dear friend's daughter. I did this in late winter/early spring. 

I started a Cookie of the Week segment but had to stop when our kitchen was off limits for the workers to rip out the floor. The oven was in the laundry room for over a week. Sometimes the best I can do for the Pres' lunch box treat is to tuck in some Nutter Butter cookies.

So instead of the cookie of the week I will show you what I am scrambling to do. From here on out I will be scrambling to find a house to live in, finish commissions, get packed up, and move where the Marine Corps sends us. I am already praying for a welcoming art community up in RI because getting to paint again has opened up a facet of me largely ignored since our little figlet came along almost 7 years ago. Now that I'm painting, I don't want to stop!


  1. Love, love, love the pictures!! Thanks for the great summation of life at River's Edge! ;-) It'll be fun to take the journey to RI with you! Can't wait to see what name the new place will be gifted with!

  2. Thanks, we're finally starting to look ahead and anticipate it too. It will be hard for Fidget to leave friends, but we are collecting pen pals for her before we go. :) Like mama, like Fidget!

  3. It is hard to move those kiddos... I remember our transfer out of CA to VA and how hard it was on my little peeps since they were finally old enough to realize what was happening. Pen pals will be WONDERFUL!