Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adelaide's Treasures

As you know if you've been reading this blog, my daughter Fidget and I have an ongoing mystery to work on when we run to the Elizabeth River down at the end of our street. While we do collect clues (sometimes in the form of broken pottery, which we bring home), I am not sure this is a mystery we want to solve. It is something we expound on every time so it takes different turns.
Here are more broken items from Aunt Adelaide's sunken ship. Fidget and I were fascinated this morning, because we chanced upon low tide and there were bits of glass and pottery strewn all about. Jackpot!
I was particularly enchanted with two fragments that had back stamps pressed into them. You can see them better if you click the photo above, it enlarges the picture.
I found so much, it filled both my hands on the way home. Lately we find more and more pieces. We are going to miss the fun of finding shards of the past when we move this summer. We may never solve the mystery of Aunt Adelaide's disappearance, or find the chest with her fortune in it. We may never apprehend the pirates who posed as fishermen to steal her trunk. But I am sure another mystery is awaiting us in Rhode Island!


  1. You are making such great memories for you girl! Maybe the priates took Aunt Adelaide up through RI...

  2. We will have to check on that lead for sure! Thanks for the suggestion. I bet there are a lot of cases up there just waiting to be turned over.