Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ham n' Swiss Loaf

This week I had lunch with a dear friend while our children played. Did you ever notice that when children are visiting, kids never want to take time to eat? Fidget wasn't hungry all day. That was fine with Aimee and me. We got to relax and enjoy food and fellowship and even pray together. Friendship is such a blessing.

Here is the recipe for  ham and swiss loaf . I have made this exact recipe a bunch of times from my Fleischmann's yeast cookbook. Above and below show the dough rolled out with meats and cheeses layered down the center.

I used ham, roast beef, and a Mexican four-cheese blend. I split the dough in half since it was just going to be me and Aimee eating it. And there were still leftovers. If you make the whole thing together it feeds a bunch of people, which is perfect for a lunch tea party. The other half of the dough I sent home with Aimee so she could make a loaf for her family.
After you lay the meat and cheese down the center, you slice the sides so they can lace up and make a braided pattern over top.This seals in the insides so you don't lose your cheese all over the baking sheet.
The finished product. Egg is brushed over top before you bake it. You get a beautiful glossy crust that is soft and golden. Sometimes in winter I serve it with tomato soup for kids, or a heartier soup with dinner. This time I served a pasta salad along side.
Since there is mustard in the dough it doesn't need any condiments. I am not much into mustard, but it is a subtle background flavor and pairs well with the meat.

The kids didn't know what they were missing. The fellowship was sweet and the food was good. I am going to miss Virginia.


  1. Wow... what a beautiful loaf that is!! It looks yummy and I'm not a meat eater!! There are peeps in my family that would LOVE that! Thanks!!

  2. Very yummy! My mouth is watering!! I have totally been into dough/bread lately. I will def try this one! (btw, finally fixed my comment problem - I haven't been able to comment here nor there for months now!)

  3. It isn't very labor intensive and the wow factor is great! It's so tasty, and people always think you went to a lot of trouble. :)