Monday, March 19, 2012

A Friend at the Elms

Here are some pictures I took at The Elms this weekend, a historic home in Newport, RI. One of my very oldest, dearest friends came for a short visit and we jammed all we could into our time together. We got to knit (she made a sock, I worked on the Whisper sweater), cook (steamed dumplings, minestrone, roasted red pepper calzones, spinach manicotti) and bake together (ethereal bread and cinnamon- blueberry turnovers), and I was finally able to give her the painting of the Belgian post box that I recently made for her. 

She is a photographer and yet she didn't bring her camera. So she is going to have to put up with my snaps of the Elms and anything else I got in focus while she was here. 

Here is the stable, I think. After we left the fine old home we wandered the grounds and there were no signs telling us what was at the back of the property. We imagined being stable hands and living at the top of the building on the right, looking out the verdigris window of the slate roof.

We thought this whole thing made a super setting to a mystery we haven't written yet. We are always imagining mysteries. But now that she is a professional and I am a home schooling mom, we don't write as many stories as we used to. 

What memories we made, listening to the self-guided audio tour and cracking up as we hit the buttons at the exact same time so we could hear everything in tandem.We spent a good time in the butler's pantry, imagining just how we would have liked it- or not- working there, on constant call, choosing the dishes for each gathering and doing all the other tasks necessary for the 8-12 weeks the Elms was open each year. No photography was allowed in the house, unfortunately. But outdoors was another story. We were fascinated by the circular tradesmens' entrance which was covered from above by wisteria vines so residents of the house would not have their view spoiled. 

I hope the fountains will be turned on when we return. I am going to take Fidget for a field trip one day soon. Her eyes are going to goggle when she sees this place. I am sure mine did.

It is already springlike here. I imagine the garden will look even better when the lush bright greens of spring return.

What a blessing is a lifelong friendship. I am so thankful for this week together. It was such a happy time. Fidget cried almost all the way home from the airport after the drop-off. We do hope our dear Aunty visits us again!


  1. That's so great to have such a good visit w/a dear friend! So glad for all involved! And that house looks amazing!! Great pictures!!

  2. Thanks! When you come we will go to some places like this. But, bring your camera. Your shots-anybody's shots for that matter- are bound to top mine. :)