Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Work in Progress

 Here are my latest works in progress.

'Whisper'  mohair sweater from Hilary Smith Callis. Complete all but the arms. It is supposed to have short sleeves but I got plenty of this thread-fine yarn to make long sleeves. In fact, I got so much of this yarn I might have to make matching hat, gloves and pants! As you can see a bit on the sailor collar, this is a see-through garment. It will be a light layering piece in fall, and maybe in spring too. With the haziness surrounding the strand, also called the yarn's halo, it is surprisingly warm and comforting to have on my lap as I knit. For now though it is on hold because of the next project...

A little drawstring sleeper for a friend's baby who is coming in April. I realized the Whisper was taking me so long I needed to get this one made before it's too late. Babies only stay tiny such a short time, I can't afford to have this arrive late and for her not to be able to cozy up in it for as long as possible. The yarn I used (color M-85, Antique Mauve) is bulkier than the pattern calls for, so I have gone down in needle size to a 5, and so far the size seems right. I love working with this pretty yarn. The next best thing to having another baby of my own is to knit something tiny for a friend's baby.


  1. Everything is so pretty!!! Once again, you inspire me! I'm making slow but steady progress on these mitts but I long to do a sweater for the Treasure... Just 2 more pairs and I can move on!! Love you!

  2. Thanks, Lollie. There's a lot to be said for putting aside some projects for awhile. I find renewed energy when I get back to them. Just sayin- you sound like you've been making a crazy lot of those fingerless mitts!