Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Latest Things

Here's a look at what's developed at Harbor View Studios lately. A mohair sweater (a 6-week project), which someone liked enough on Ravelry to offer to buy it (sold!), 
some booties for a friend's daughter,

more booties for a friend from Bible study,

and fingerless gloves for a new friend's birthday.

 Since I slipped and fell down the stairs last Thursday at noontime, I have been recovering and it's been great to have these little projects going. I am getting around better every day, but I am not back to the gym yet and it is still painful to sit, stand or bend.

It is surprising when I found myself sidelined by pain and Fidget simultaneously getting sick I was content to be at home knitting. Even booties, which can be a sad thing to knit if they are not for you and you've always wanted more children. But God has given me real joy. I notice I am not often still to hear His voice unless I am sidelined for a time, and when I am I find Him faithful. This is how I know He is real: He gives me joy in the un-joyful of life, somehow. He makes me want to celebrate others' blessings as if they were my own. And I find that laying down what I wanted gives me a freedom I didn't have when I was so hung up in my desires. He is good.


  1. I love this. Thanks for sharing your heart... and your amazing talent with others. You are a blessing.

  2. Mika'l, if there is anything redeeming about what I do, it is God working in me. I was able to share my testimony with a ladies Bible study a couple weeks ago and marvel anew at how amazing it is that He took me from death to life. The praise is all His. xo

  3. I was reminded of the OT story about Hezekiah I think, when they were surrounded by the enemy and God told him to just wait and then He took care of them... "Stand and see the salvation of the Lord!" Hezekiah didn't have to do the work, but just had to trust. I see that story in you as we have got to stand by and see the salvation of the Lord in your life as you move forward and have such a sweet, giving spirit. It's a real encouragement!! Love you... xoxoxo

  4. Thanks Lollie. That encourages me too. xo