Sunday, November 21, 2010

"One of the most enthralling, if humbling, aspects of being human is that each of us, without any input, finds ourselves in the midst of a world we did not choose, but that obligates us at every turn. It is as though some great hand reached down into the mysterious place from which we all come, hauled us out, set us onto the shores of culture, and said, 'Here, this is where you will become yourself.' " So begins Gregory Thompson’s article “Toward Faithfulness in Our Time” in byFaith Mazagine’s Fall 2010 issue. 

This world is big, and we can feel lost in it at times, but my place is secure. I do not have to fret about how God would affect the "shores of culture" through me. The comforting thing is, I've found when you pray for God to let you encourage someone, He brings you someone who needs encouraging. I am here, "becoming myself" in just the place God wants me, and I am confident He will touch others through me. My confidence is not in myself or my ability to do anything, but knowing that God who promises is faithful. Who will He touch and encourage through you today?

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