Saturday, March 19, 2011

Using Our Gifts

I got to paint today. I am working on an oil portrait on canvas, of a dear friend's daughter. There is such satisfaction, such deep joy, in doing what God has made me to do. It's like nothing else! It makes me want to keep painting more than  a once in awhile thing. How to do that, is the thing, when so much of life is taken up with other responsibilities. I wonder how it makes God feel when I neglect the talents He's given. What talents did God bless you with, and how can you use them in the coming week?


  1. I feel such delight knowing that this is how you feel painting our Sweet Pea's portrait. I love that doing this special thing for us is so deeply satisfying. God is so good to bless so many through one act! Well, that's kind of how He works, huh? ;-)

  2. Well I can say this for sure, LollieG. One of your gifts is encouragement, and another talent is card-making! That's true art, with a small composition. You're inspiring in many ways!

  3. awww... warm fuzzy on a rainy morning! Love ya!