Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arround the House

 We've been doing a lot of work and things are coming together around here. The entire time we've lived here we've benefited from the previous owner's vision and planning in the garden. We've got blooms coming out everywhere, some whose names we don't even know!
 Lately we're sprucing up indoors and out. Here's a view of the front of River's Edge with the crisply improved clipped hedges and bushes. Fidget says she wants to make a bed out of one of the bushes flanking the front walk.
This weekend we painted the siding on the outside of the laundry room. We picked a blue slightly brighter than what is on the house now. We like the brighter look even if you can't see it in this photo taken after a barbecue lunch this weekend. 

We are currently having the kitchen and downstairs bathroom redone because of the havoc wreaked on them by the broken ice maker line. Soon we'll have gorgeous inside pictures to show!


  1. Your home is so welcoming and charming... Wish I could come sit on your deck w/you and drink ice tea, or help you weed something! I had a friend who used to help me weed my garden and then I'd go help her weed hers and it was such a great time to talk about deep things in an unthreatening way. Lives get shared in gardens!
    Love you!

  2. So true. I would welcome your help here with any and all weeds and teas. We're going to miss the garden, but we're looking forward to finding a new one up north. Maybe you can visit us there! xo