Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am hesitant to leave thoughts of my friend behind. I spent most of last week asking God why He allowed her to do what she did. But He doesn't have to answer to me. And though my friend's death is tragic, I can't stay in thoughts of her constantly. Like it or not we are here, we are the living, and there is work to do.
 Some days, we may not feel we have much to give. We may question what we are even doing here. What can I possibly contribute? The truth is that God does not need our efforts. But he is pleased to use us as we offer ourselves and whatever we have to give.
I have been reminded of that on days when Fidget and I run to the river lately. Often we find intriguing vintage pottery shards. The river's offerings vary but we use all we can get.

 We bring them back to the house and put them in flower pots.
Some days there is a bunch. Other days we might only find one or two tiny pieces. This is like the days we may have much to offer a friend who is in need. We give and are happy we can be of use.

But on others, all we may have is a listening ear, or hands to hold and pray with. God is not disappointed in what we have to give. He will use whatever we have.

My sadness of last week has reminded me how firmly anchored I am in the rock of God my Savior. He put us here for a reason. I am here to encourage and grow others in their faith as I worship the Lord and He grows my faith too. Though I am sad for my friend, I know I am secure in God's grip. If this is all I know for sure as an alien in a world which is by turns exhilarating, sad, and disappointing, it is enough.


  1. It is enough.. thanks for that reminder as I often doubt my usefulness. It's not the point! And I love that you found a few buttons amongst the shards! A little treasure...

  2. Yes, Fidget and I were cheered by two buttons at once when we hadn't found any there before. And, keeping our eyes on Jesus helps us not only feel we are in the right place doing as He leads, but also makes me question my usefulness less. He loves me, that is enough.