Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gifts and Triumphs

 We celebrated the weekend yesterday morning with poached eggs. They may be run of the mill to some folks, but poached eggs are something I've never been able to get right in 18 1/2 years of marriage, not even when Mumsy bought me a real live egg poacher appliance that buzzed when they were supposed to be ready. Turns out these little nifties from King Arthur Flour are just what the baker ordered. Finally, eggs with runny middles for the Pres! Of course when they were done we sat down to eat and I forgot all about taking pictures.
 However there was plenty of time for pouring tea. Last week I talked to my dear old chip from high school, middle school, and come to think of it, elementary school, and she commiserated with me about my friend who'd died. And I commiserated with her about the tough eggs she works with down there in South Florida. Next thing you know, I'm unwrapping an extravagant care package from said chip.
 It came complete with hand knitted, cleverly embellished tea cozy, traditional British tea pot, tea, honey, diffuser and more.
Here's the inside fabric on the tea cozy. I've never had a cozy before and was surprised to find out that it really works. Not only that, a cutie like this one is sure to cheer me up no matter what the morning holds.


  1. I think you are just going to have to make those eggs again and take a picture! My Grandma always made eggs "soft boiled"...runny in the middle...maybe that is the same as poached? I loved them, but have no idea how to make them. That is a beautiful teapot and cozy! What a gift to have a friend for so long! I have been reading your blog whenever you post, but have not been very good about posting a comment. I've been thinking about you and praying since your post about your friend who committed suicide. I was so sorry to read that. So many emotions I'm sure you are feeling. Thanks for always reading my blog, posting a comment, and encouraging me. Love you friend!

  2. BRAVO! on the eggs! Those little 'nifties' are,well, nifty! And I love the cozy and tea pot! How fun!! I also have an old friend from 6th grade and it's sure nice to still have her... she's like a sister!

  3. Thanks for your posts and encouragement, Lollie & Nik,
    I've tried poaching many ways but this is the way it worked for me, finally. They sell those cute little nifties at Target too, in case you want to try them. I never did know what soft boiled was, I'm not sure it's the same. I thought they were still in the egg.
    Thanks for your prayers too. I have been praying for you Nik and hope we can get together again. On another note, Lisa Mazzio has a great post on grief in her blog, The Clinical Truth- you can click it in my sidebar to read it. Grieving isn't easy work and I am thankful for friends who do hold me up in prayer. God bless you!