Monday, May 23, 2011

Cookie of the Week

Here's a look at the Pres' lunch box treat. Well, he won't have these. I just ate these. But there are more for him, I guarantee.

This week's recipe is one I clipped from a Martha Stewart Magazine in early 2008. While I could not locate it on her website, I found Barbara Bakes had it and it is here if you want to try it. She's got a lovely site to browse, with lots of goodies in no way limited to cookies.
 When Fig was in Montessori school I brought these on one of my assigned snack days. They were a big hit and I have made them ever since. The nice thing about these is they're so much fluffier and lighter in the mouth than the usual peanut butter cookie. Enjoy!


  1. isn't parchment paper the best stuff? :) Can't wait to try this recipe too...

  2. Yes Zoe parchment paper makes all the difference. That, and use room temperature eggs when mixing them in, even if you have to refrigerate the dough before baking ;) Enjoy!

  3. Mmm.. those look really good! I love peanut butter cookies!! Thanks!!

  4. They're going like hotcakes here.