Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Appetizer Night 2

 Here are the things we had for the second night of our first annual Appetizer Weekend. The second night we had some of almost all the first night's dishes too. Above is the bloomin' onion coated and waiting to be put in the oil. The frying pan has garlic and mushroom pieces being sauteed.

 Potato skins, bourbon sausage links, asiago cheese dip, and the onion frying.
 The bloomin onion in all its glory. Some of the outer pieces fell off when it was removed from the oil, but it tasted exactly like the one we'd had at dinner out! Recipe here
 Bacon quesadillas
 The onion frying and the stuffed mushrooms
After all that I decided not to make the salsa roll-ups, as they were not supposed to be cooked and we weren't as interested in them now that we had all this other terrific food. If you haven't had an appetizer night in awhile, what are you waiting for?

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