Saturday, January 22, 2011

Appetizer Night

It was high time we celebrated life as usual here at River's Edge. Time for Appetizer Night. I had such fun consulting the Pres for his favorites and choosing recipes. As usual I chose too many items, decided too late to find all the ingredients, and generally went about it haphazardly. But it turned out beautifully. 
 It was such fun making a wreck of the kitchen and then playing with the panoramic setting on my camera. It made the kitchen look warped but at least you can see how much of a mess I made. 

I had picked out so many things I ran out of time after karate class to make them all. The good news about that is it was such fun that Appetizer Night has been stretched into Appetizer Weekend. What I still have ingredients for and need to make tonight are: bacon quesadillas, spinach stuffed mushrooms, salsa roll-ups, and a bloomin' onion. Some of these things are partially prepped so it should make tonight go smoothly. Last night we had: 
 steamed dumplings (this is all that's left),
 Spring rolls (recipe from here)
 Asiago cheese dip from Cooking Light, recipe  here, with bagel chips,
 potato skins with sour cream,
and bourbon sausage links. 

I love making any day special and showing my family that I love and appreciate them. It's fun to have people over, but you don't always need other people for a party.  My family is worth the extra effort. I would enjoy hearing how you celebrate your family too. Maybe it's with appetizer night, or maybe it's something else. If you're planning appetizer night though be warned, you could be headed for appetizer weekend!


  1. Yummy! I think baked potato skins are in my future this week. :) I love the reminder to make 'everyday' things special and to create memories for our families. And your kitchen is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Zoe, the Pres has done a lot of work in there. It sure makes it lots more fun to be in there cooking. Now I'm wondering how I'll top this weekend's appetizers with this week's meals!