Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Quilt for Fidget

For the past week or two I've been thinking about making a tribute quilt about my miscarriage. Naturally since I am mulling over a quilt in my mind and getting fabric out, Fidget wanted to make a quilt too. Well, you can see whose got made, and whose is still being mulled over.

At the beginning of last year we made Fidget's first little quilt. It was apparent to me that it was way too early for her to sit and sew, but at least she was involved in the process and drew the main picture that we sashed around (of Pooh Bear's sister, Ipl) ; and she did some great giant-stitched embroidering on its surface. Since then she's taken a break from quilting. 

I thought this would be another great opportunity for Fidget to try a quilt. It turned out I was wrong, as she has no ability to sit still (hence her name). Her feet don't reach the foot pedal, which is probably a good thing for now, and just sitting in my lap to guide the fabric through doesn't work either for someone so fidgety.
 She did pick out the fabrics from my scraps though. And I was pleased with her adding appliques to the surface to personalize it. This little blond girl is from the fabric we used for the backing. Fidget cut out some pink fabric to make the girl's dress longer.
This little girl is from a different fabric. What I like best about the quilt is that some of the fabrics Fidget picked are from projects very special to us. The green flowered fabric I used to make us matching sun dresses when she was still a baby. The light blue with pink flowers is part of her Humpty Dumpty (aka Hummy)'s outfit, and the tan background with roses and bees was first used to make a jacket for Pooh Bear.

I don't know if she will have any good memories of making this quilt. She did play around me when she wasn't helping. Maybe she will remember that. If nothing else, it was therapy for me as I took a break from thinking about a much more serious quilt.


  1. I am always amazed at what my kids remembered and what they didn't[thankful for what they didn't!] I think Fidget will have heartwarming memories of time spent making this with her sweet mom! It's a beautiful quilt!! I love how scrap quilts have so many memories sewn into them!!

  2. I remember "helping" my mom sew when I was little. Now I call her when I am stumped with a project. My attention span is a bit longer and my hands a bit steadier, but I still need her help a lot!